SoftSummit Europe in UK and Germany

Registration is open for the leading Software Monetization events in Europe –SoftSummit in London, UK and Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

SoftSummit is the key event for business executives rethinking their business strategies and software monetization models in order to stay profitable and become even more successful in the future. The events address market developments and challenges in an interactive format, bringing together industry analysts, subject matter experts and your peers from other companies.

Available Dates:

  • United Kingdom (London), Novotel Paddington
    Tuesday 10th May 2016 – Agenda
  • Germany (Frankfurt am Main), Klassikstadt Thursday 12th May 2016 – Agenda

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What is SoftSummit?

Technology continues to change and evolve at an unprecedented pace. The strategic importance of applications continues to grow and mature. Applications no longer just help the business—they run the business—and to software vendors and, increasingly, intelligent device manufacturers, they are the business. Yet most companies manage application usage tactically, if at all.

To compete and win today, software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers must go to market faster with differentiated products, ensure they are fairly compensated, make every dollar spent count and retain every single customer. All of this must be done while facing substantial competition and hurdles.

SoftSummit is the only conference that brings delves into the issues and challenges facing the software and intelligent device product lifecycle — and provides strategic guidance for staying competitive and agile in today’s fast-changing market. SoftSummit brings together industry analysts, thought-leaders, peers and colleagues from software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers facing these very challenges.

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Why Attend SoftSummit?

"There is so much change going on in the market that we have to be on top of the best practices as they are evolving and challenge ourselves in that way."

SoftSummit is the only event that focuses solely on licensing and entitlement management for software vendors and high-tech manufacturers. It offers a comprehensive look at the entire software and device product lifecycle—providing you with strategies and the know-how to adapt your business to thrive in today’s fast-changing market.

SoftSummit 2011 and Flexera Software

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This Gartner report explains that the Internet of Things is turning manufacturers into software vendors that need to protect, differentiate and monetize offerings. By changing their approach to licensing, manufacturing product strategists can maximize revenue potential.

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